Nov 19 2009

That creepy guy in the Black Eyed Peas!

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taboo black eyed peas

When you were a child and your parents assured you there was no such thing as the boogeyman… they were wrong. There is a boogeyman and his name is Jaime Gomez or “Taboo Nawasha” or whatever the fuck.

What is up with this turd? Actually, what is up with the whole “band?” What am I missing with this group of misfit toys? Everyone seems to like, or at least tolerate, the Black Eyed Peas but I can’t find a single reason for this phenomenon. Especially with this creepy Medieval Times reject running around like a robot ninja all over the stage.

“Taboo” reminds me of an even more annoying version of the already incredibly annoying Anthony Kiedis. Wait, is it possible they are the same person? They both have that long, flowing hair by Herbal Essence. They both have that Cro-Mag face. They both love to wear gloves at inappropriate times. And the biggest giveaway is their mutual love of incessant karate chopping.

I think this is a conspiracy theory I can get behind.

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51 comments to “That creepy guy in the Black Eyed Peas!”

  1. You Just Made My List!on 18 Jul 2011 at 7:54 am

    istephy – I can’ take you seriously when you communicate like a broken computer. Learn how to speak properly, you sound like a fucking idiot. And I mean that honestly, you communicate like a person with incredibly low intelligence. Try using words and sentences if you ever want to be taken seriously.

    P.S. I got laid yesterday… twice.