Nov 23 2009

Football shows with mini football fields!

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sportscenter football studio virtual playbook field

In general, I find football to be boring. I don’t mind the getting together with friends and eating/drinking aspect of it, but there is just too much downtime in the game for me to get excited by it. What I have zero patience for is sports shows that prattle on and on about every boring detail like a kitchen full of old hens gossiping about who wasn’t at church on Sunday. However, nothing makes me more embarrassed for humanity than a bunch of guys in suits acting out football plays and discussing strategy on a miniature field. It’s sad and reminds me of this.

Oh, but the madness does not stop there. Now they have added virtual players that interact with the suit guys, creating what looks like a video game so slow your parents might actually be able to keep up with it. Why do we need this? Plus, I just hate these guys with their huge gorilla hands, their giant sports rings and their wide-legged stance. I can feel the noogies through the TV.

Couldn’t find a football example but this should give you just as many nightmares.

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2 comments to “Football shows with mini football fields!”

  1. You Just Made My List!on 24 Nov 2009 at 1:05 am

    No comments? Fuck everyone!

  2. Amandaon 24 Nov 2009 at 2:48 am

    Blame the person that woke up this morning and decided to throw a ham at Paula Deen.

    Football (and everything related to football) is terrible. The only good sport is hockey.