Jan 25 2010


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So here’s the deal. This past year has been really difficult for me for various personal reasons but I was finally at a stage where it looked like I was past the worst stuff and the future was bright. The biggest hurdle left, both literally and figuratively, was selling my house and moving. In more ways than I can explain, this move was the one thing I have been focusing on for months and it was going to be the official beginning of the next stage of my life. Well, the move happened this past Saturday but the day before my house was robbed. I spent weeks carefully packing up my life into boxes and daydreaming about unpacking everything in my “new life.” I came home less than 24 hours before my move to find every box torn apart and the contents strewn across the floor. It was the most sickening feeling I had ever felt. I walked to my home office knowing what I would find. Even through I knew what to expect I still wanted to die when I saw my office destroyed and an empty space on my desk where my computer once lived. I earn my entire living on that computer so it is not unlike someone discovering their restaurant or store burned to the ground. I don’t need to go into detail, but I will be dealing with the aftermath of this home invasion for months. What devastates me the most is that they not only stole things I worked incredibly hard for, but they took my new beginning from me. They stole the finish line that I have been crawling towards for almost a year.

I have a lot of unpleasant bullshit to deal with now and it will take my full attention. I may or my not return, I honestly don’t know. It’s a fresh wound so maybe in a week or so I will feel like continuing but I just feel too defeated right now.

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  1. Irina B.on 04 Feb 2010 at 3:02 pm

    It does! Thank you very much! :))