Feb 12 2010

Sorry, but shut up!

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I accidentally ate half of a Pizza Hut pizza last night and it led to a series of events that prevented me from writing anything. BUT, I have been meaning to point you in the direction of some older posts, so I will do that now. Not because the posts are all that great, but certain topics have become magnets for excessively dumb comments. I’m sure most of you regulars don’t both digging back into past comments, but you might enjoy some of the conversations you have been missing.

The crazy comments usually start half way down…

Andy Samberg and his shitty Digital Shorts!

Irish Dancing!


See you Monday.

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2 comments to “Sorry, but shut up!”

  1. Jayon 13 Feb 2010 at 3:44 pm

    That’s some hilarious stuff, I had no idea what I was missing out on. Your description of Andy Samberg’s mouth is pure genius. And please continue to call these turds out on their grammar, people who use ….. instead of commas and periods drive me fucking crazy. Abbreviations are quickly destroying the English language too.

    The next thing that makes your list should be your web host. What’s up with the shotty service?

  2. Christineon 15 Feb 2010 at 1:34 pm

    The people who yell at you for hating Irish Dance or parkour (I have no idea what this is still) or whatever they’re angry about, are, I guess, just doing google searches about whatever they’re obsessed with and then writing angry letters to sites that criticize those things?

    I also read a small, pretty serious, film site, and have noticed that the same kind of nutty commentary only appears whenever there’s any mention of Avatar or Lord of the Rings or something like it (Sample quote: “LOTR is the best movie EVER!!!!!! U haters can suk it!!!!!” Your blog is horrible and you should get fired!!!!!”).

    So I knew people were obsessed with certain sci-fi/fantasy movies, but I had no idea that people were so fired up about Irish dancing. It kind of makes me want to start a blog where I attack random things (knitting! cast-iron skillets! stamps with birds on them!) and see who sends me hate mail.