Oct 11 2010

Pop up ads during TV shows!

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PBS pledge ad on-screen comcast

Comcast interactive PBS pledge advertisments

So, I’m watching “Check Please” on PBS, trying to fight the urge to nap, when all of a sudden Comcast is nice enough to offer me a chance to pledge $40 with my remote while I sit on my lazy ass. Thanks Comcast and PBS but, what are the words I’m searching for… um… go fuck yourself!

I didn’t think it was possible for PBS to find another way to ask for my money. The other night I climbed into bed and was startled to find Charlie Rose hiding under the covers. After 45 minutes of negotiating I agreed to pledge $63 and he agreed to not enter my house for a minimum of three months. Look PBS, I don’t mind your normal pledge drives because, in Chicago at least, that means a kickass Geoffrey Baer marathon, but do you really need to pop your high-tech “will work for food” message over one of your own program. It’s annoying to the viewer and it’s disrespectful to the idiots fighting over linguine with clams on Check Please.

Believe it or not, it actually gets worse than this. A few weeks ago I was watching Friends… yeah, THAT Friends, the one you know you secretly like but are too much of a pussy to just come out and love it in the open. Just give in and embrace the warm glow of Friends. ANYWAY, I was watching the gang down at Central Perk be hilarious and awesome, when all of a sudden a giant fucking ad pops up on the lower 1/3 of the screen. I’m not talking about the typical “Stay tuned, the Jim Belushi train wreck is up next” kind of ad. No no no, this was an ad for something COMPLETELY unrelated to the network. I can’t remember what it was but I created this simulation for you…

pop up ads during TV shows

Are you understanding the severity of the situation here? Networks are starting to pop up ads for crap DURING shows. What the hell is this, YouTube? And what kind of a psycho, anti-American, son-of-a-bitch has the balls to interrupt the brilliant pacing and comedy magic that oozes from every episode of Friends?

I feel like punching a baby!

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13 comments to “Pop up ads during TV shows!”

  1. Fartfaceon 11 Oct 2010 at 6:41 am

    The part that really is a leaky tampon all over white jean shorts is that those interactive pledge ads look like the “ok” is the default. Was it? It’s like they are banking on elderly people to accidentally hit “ok” while fumbling around for their reading glasses. That is absolute bullshit.

    And you should just buy Friends DVDs and be done with it.

  2. Jeffon 11 Oct 2010 at 6:57 am

    Great fake screen capture – but surely “Friends” should be capitalized and in quotes.

  3. Steveon 11 Oct 2010 at 7:35 am

    Friends is lame. Honestly.

  4. Jayon 11 Oct 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Project Runway is no better, they have a 10 minute Tresemme ad/consultation built in to every show along with other product placements. There’s no way I could watch the show without the option to fast forward.

  5. saraon 11 Oct 2010 at 3:29 pm

    I love the Simpsons where they spoof American Idol. Homer gets pissed and breaks a coke bottle holding it to Simon’s neck and Ryan Secrest just keeps hissing “Lable to Camera, Lable to CAMERA!”

    I can’t help but remember “Return of the Killer Tomatos” where a large glowing pepsi logo is in place of the moon.

  6. Paul from Saint Paulon 11 Oct 2010 at 3:38 pm

    The Geoffrey Baer clip made me hurtingly homesick for the Lakefront.

  7. Daveon 11 Oct 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Anyone who didn’t/doesn’t enjoy FRIENDS- obviously doen’t have any. The show was AWESOME! I was pissed when they took the re-runs off my local channel at 11:30p. Late night Jennifer Anniston is always best!

  8. kiddaon 11 Oct 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Oh good, I have this to look forward to in the UK in a few years then.

  9. SanFranon 11 Oct 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Normally I would say “fuck TV, Listy” and then mutter something about “go read a book or snort coke off a stripper’s tits”, or maybe “go snort coke off a picture of a stripper’s tits on your iPad”…

    But, I realize finally that it’s because of and through you that I stay in the loop with regards to crappy TV, crappy music, crappy fashion and crappy pop culture – without having to be an active participant in any of these things.

    As you were.

  10. kenon 12 Oct 2010 at 12:03 am

    I surely hope you were serious about Geoffrey Baer. I LOVE that dude. Sure, he’s got a little cheesy Garrison Keillor-esque folksiness going on but DAMN if I don’t DVR everything he’s on, I’m a Chicago HIstory junkie. It’s him and Sesame Street (I have a young daughter who I will only allow an hour of TV a day–Sesame, natch). It’s Baer, Caillou and Sesame that made me actually pledge money to WTTW for the first time in years. Oh, and Check Please, Chicago Tonight and Nightly Business Report. I do love me some Windows to the World.

  11. You Just Made My List!on 12 Oct 2010 at 8:13 am

    Ken – Those Geoffrey Baer documentaries are absolutely some of the best TV ever produced. I could watch every one, in a row, all day.

  12. kenon 12 Oct 2010 at 10:09 am

    Agreed. I love Geoffrey Baer TV specials, absolute brilliance. He even made Glen Ellyn (my old hometown) interesting.

  13. Charlion 17 Dec 2011 at 3:24 am

    It’s horrible that they do this and now they’re also running message tape at the bottom of the screen telling us who is doing what and other things that I don’t give a crap about.

    Then I’m watching Sara Tall and Plain and they have the ads there too. This is the f*cking Hallmark Channel. They used to have standards there. I’m watching some foreign documentary and it’s there too. I can’t read the subtitles because of the damn ads. I finally gave up and turned to HBO which thankfully hasn’t started this crap yet.

    They’re even putting these ads on children’s shows. I was watching Kung Fu Panda when an ad (taking up much of the lower page) suddenly pops up announcing that another Kung Fu Panda show would be on later. This is bullshit.

    They already have proof that doing such things can impair a child’s ability to learn. Why is this allowed?

    Why aren’t more people screaming about this It’s bad enough that regular commercials now take out so much of the time of each show without this very distracting and annoying method being added. It doesn’t make me want to watch the other show and it certainly doesn’t make me want to stay on that channel.

    I would think that since so many of us are paying an obscene amount of money to get the shows that they wouldn’t want to piss up off. But I guess they think we’re either too stupid or lazy to call them on this. Well they’re wrong. I just got done writing to each of the stations that do this and I hope others will too. You do realize that if we don’t stop this now it will get worse.