Oct 02 2008

Sarah Palin and her inability to answer a single question!

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It’s amazing but there are still people out there sticking to the story that Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President. Are-you-kidding-me? These people actually have the balls to try and blame the fictional “east coast gotcha media” for being unfair to her. FUCK OFF with that nonsense. These people running for the highest office in our country (and in many ways the world) deserve to be grilled, RELENTLESSLY! Not to mention the fact that if Sarah Palin can’t survive a softball interview from Katie Couric, let me say that again KATIE COURIC, then how the hell is she supposed to handle the incredible, unending pressures of the White House?

If I hear one more person say “I like Sarah Palin because she is just like me” I am going to poop in their shoes. Guess who I don’t want in the White House? ME or YOU! I want the President and/or Vice President to be intelligent on an intimidating level. I want them to be so knowledgeable that I would be terrified to eat dinner with them. I want them to understand me and relate to the average American but I don’t want them to be as dumb as the average American.

For me this clip sums up why I can’t stand Sarah Palin. She starts with a lame joke, although I don’t understand how someone’s vast experience is actually funny, then trips all over herself trying to defend a joke that ACTUALLY also makes fun of 72-year-old John McCain. Palin sounds like a teenage boy who has just been caught by his mother jerking off but tries desperately to offer an excuse. “Uh, I was combing my hair and the comb fell into my pants and I was trying to get it out but it was stuck so I really had to tug at it then my pants fell off by accident and I could not find the comb so I was looking for it, that’s all.”

Apparently when it comes to newspapers and magazines Sarah Palin “reads all of ’em.” So many that she is unable to name any.

This is no joke people. Try and imagine this woman as President if McCain was to die in office. Who could possibly trust this woman to run the country when she can’t even handle easy questions? We have already suffered through 8 years of this bullshit, it is time for change. I am right, I know everything!

Download the awesome Sarah Palin “NOPE” poster here!

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2 comments to “Sarah Palin and her inability to answer a single question!”

  1. LLGon 02 Oct 2008 at 9:29 am

    While Jillian Barberie can create massive ball shrinkage for guys, Sarah Palin makes my vagina wither.

    It’s like in school: you can only cram so much information into your head the night before the test before it starts dripping out in incoherent dribble. It’s like she’s remembering key phrases the McCainage has told her, but is totally incapable of understanding when those phrases need to be uttered… and to what questions.

  2. You Just Made My List!on 02 Oct 2008 at 9:40 am

    LLG, I’m sorry about your vagina. Boy, over the last couple days I have really done some damage to everyone’s genitalia and for that I am sorry.