Dec 12 2008

Jeremy by Pearl Jam!

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I hate this song, I hate the video, I hate Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder bugs the shit out of me.

Pearl Jam is one of those bands that I know everyone loves but I simply do not get. If I try to listen to Pearl Jam I might as well be listening to static or white noise. I hear nothing. I understand why people like certain bands that I despise but Pearl Jam confuses me. For example, I can’t stand Fall Out Boy but I can at least understand why 10 year olds and the mildly retarded find it appealing. Pearl Jam, on the other hand, is so bland that I hear nothing.

I hear nothing unless it’s “Jeremy” then I hear my own brain begin to boil. I hear my ears trying to rip themselves from my head. I HATE this song.

And can someone tell the bass player we know he’s bald so he can stop wearing those dumb hats?

I’m going to bed.

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52 comments to “Jeremy by Pearl Jam!”

  1. Why do I have to give a name?on 24 Jan 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Also, I like everything about Pearl Jam except Eddie. He is an asshole, a sellout, and cannot sing for shit. But he is great… for making misheard lyrics videos. No one understand a single freakin’ thing that comes out of his mouth. You should check out the misheard lyrics video for Yellow Ledbetter, it is funny as hell.

  2. Peter Gozinyaon 11 Aug 2012 at 11:13 pm

    To all those groupie fanboy ballwashers the local record store has their discography in the dollar bin collecting dust. Get over there and buy them up so they can put some good stuff in there. Yea dude Creed, Dave Matthews, Hootie and Pearl Jam are the shit! I’m off to the frathouse to do a kegstand and tell everybody how awesome it is for the rest of my life.