Aug 22 2008

Bored white people who hang from hooks!

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Hey, who needs more attention than the jerks who ride around on tall bikes? Idiots who hang themselves from hooks!

Poor Brad and Kim didn’t get enough attention in high school. Oh, but do they have a way to get even with all of you, they are going to stick giant hooks through their white trash tattoos and hang around like giant ball sacks. I know “to each his own” but fuck off already with this nonsense.

“Brad, this is your father. Get down from those God damn hooks and mow the lawn or we aren’t going to the water park tomorrow!”

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One comment to “Bored white people who hang from hooks!”

  1. Brandonon 18 Nov 2011 at 11:31 pm

    I want to hang himself right now and that looks like fun 😛