Jul 16 2008

This kid and his stupid friends!

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This guy sucks

Does the fact that I can barely stomach to be within 100 feet of teenagers mean I’m getting old or does it mean that most teenagers are annoying and I’m awesome? I have to admit that I know some cool teens but they have got to be in the top 1% of their peers. I’m sure I was super annoying to be around too so I’m not cutting myself any slack on this one. The difference between “teenage me” and this tool is that I have never been one of those people who are completely unaware of their surroundings. This kid on the other hand thinks the world stops about half an inch from his scrawny body. Hey kid, got your fucking nerd-fro out of my face and move out of my way so I can get my double cheeseburger and large root beer! And while you’re at it, learn the inner workings of the classic line system whereby one individual waits behind another in an orderly fashion, each with the same goal.

Have you ever just hated someone from the second you saw them? Well, that was this kid for me. He’s probably awesome if you get to know him. I’m just kidding, I’m sure he still sucks.

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2 comments to “This kid and his stupid friends!”

  1. Creature of Habiton 16 Jul 2008 at 8:43 am

    Oooh – there’s got to be a background story here.

    I find that children of baby boomers are the worst. THE WORST I say!!!!

  2. You Just Made My List!on 16 Jul 2008 at 10:44 am

    The background is pretty simple. They were annoying and standing in everyone’s way. This burger joint is small and there needs to be order. ORDER! The main jerk was doing that thing where he stands in the middle of the “path,” sees you walking right at him but is not aware that he should move out of the way. Plus he had this look on his face that said “please punch me in the neck.”