Sep 23 2008

People who claim I jinxed them!

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Full disclosure, I do not feel like writing anything today. I almost put myself on my list for deciding to write a fucking blog 5 days a week but that seemed stupid. Then I thought I could quickly fart out a post about what lying liars John McCain and Sarah Palin are but I’m too sick of their faces. So I flipped through my list, yes it is an ACTUAL list on paper, and tried to find the easiest thing to write about.

And that brings us to my disdain for people who think they can actually be jinxed by some stupid thing I say. I’m not talking about people who lightheartedly say “you’re going to jinx us” after I say “I think we are going to get lucky with parking tonight.” I am referring people who actually get angry and believe jinxing is as real as the air we breathe.

Here’s what I know… 1) There is no force in the universe that will take my words and cause you to get a flat tire or make your plane crash and 2) This post is a boring piece of shit and I apologize. Maybe someone recently said something like “your blog is always so awesome” and it jinxed me.

Good night jerks!

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