Jul 22 2008

John Mayer and his charming ways!

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Fucking god damn John Mayer is making me like him and it’s pissing me off! He’s already on my list and now he MUST make a second appearance for making me love him. WHHHHHHHY!

Here’s the deal, I hate hate HATE his crap music and I will ALWAYS hate it. It is the worst brand of bottom of the barrel, middle of the road, bland crap and I despise it with every cell in my body. BUT, thanks to Fox placing TMZ between two episodes of The Simpsons every day I now know more about John Mayer than I ever hoped to. My worst fears have been realized because John Mayer is funny. There really is no way around it. He’s funny in front of the paparazzi (or as we call it on TMZ the “paps”) and he’s funny in the clip below.

How fucking dare this asshole make me like him! John, call me.

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