Oct 27 2008

Yahoo and their super mean Jennifer Hudson & Amy Poehler headline!

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Wow, this was some headline to start my day with this morning. How does something this insanely insensitive make it to the front page of Yahoo?

It’s so casual with its “Weekend of death and birth” announcement that it’s actually shocking. That was some CRAZY weekend huh? It’s like they are holding up Amy Poehler’s baby right in Jennifer Hudson’s face and saying “So sorry your family was murdered but look at this cute baby, don’t be such a sourpuss!” Even the photo of Hudson is an odd choice. It looks like the brutal slaying of her mother, brother and young nephew is some sort of wacky blooper that should be followed by a “BOING” sound effect.

And let’s not forget how mean this is to Amy Poehler! First of all, it makes her look like a gloating bitch even though obviously she had no control over this nonsense. Secondly, it’s a strange way to welcome her first child into the world. (Insert baby talk voice) “Hi little baby. Who’s a baby? You’re a baby, yes you are. Yes you are. Yes you are. Did you hear about Jennifer Hudson’s family getting murdered? Did you little baby? Who heard about the murder? Who heard about the murder? Who’s a little baby? Yes you are!”


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One comment to “Yahoo and their super mean Jennifer Hudson & Amy Poehler headline!”

  1. rxon 27 Oct 2008 at 6:40 pm

    definitely a fucked up juxtaposition.