Jun 25 2008

Josh Homme is a homophobic, tough guy jerk!

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I'm gonna tap dat ass

UPDATE: Here’s video of the “shoe” being thrown on stage that turned Josh Homme into a ass-raping maniac. It’s not even a fucking SHOE! At best it’s a sock! AND IT DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH HIM! So all you defenders of this asshole who keep saying “How would you like it if someone hit you with a shoe” can fuck off. What a douchebag baby.

Watch at the 1:30 mark…

Now, on the the original rant…

This one kind of hurts because I used to like Queens of the Stone Age but after watching frontman and Craig Kilborn look-a-like Josh Homme go off on a 14 year old kid in the clip below, I saw what a dick face the guy is. Apparently this overzealous kid threw something on stage, I’m guessing it was something harmless, and within seconds is taken for a ride through Josh Homme’s darkest fantasies of fighting and butt sex. Tough guy Josh goes on and on from his 20-foot perch about how he’s going to kick this 14 year old’s ass after invading it with his wiener. Takes a pretty tough guy to start a fight with a kid who barely has pubes, especially when you are separated by 20 feet of security and 10,000 fans who have your back.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t end there. There are endless clips of this turd berating various audience members and in every clip he can’t stop himself from discussing their soon to be fucked butts or their dicks or how they are “faggots.” How does a guy fixated on being inside his enemies’ buttholes get the balls to call everyone around him gay? And why even go there? Why use homosexuality as an insult? What an asshole.

Guard your butt!

More fun with Josh…

Josh Homme is trying to quit cock smoking.

It’s hard to quit when everyone is smoking cock around you!

Those guys are going to blow each other (jealous Josh).

Let’s take a trip back to 3rd grade.

Here’s how it’s done Josh…

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142 comments to “Josh Homme is a homophobic, tough guy jerk!”

  1. You Just Made My List!on 28 Mar 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  2. homme's righton 28 Mar 2011 at 10:29 pm

    its a simple misunderstanding

  3. noon 28 Mar 2011 at 10:34 pm

    @ homme’s right

    as for the link, No

  4. You Just Made My List!on 28 Mar 2011 at 10:39 pm

    No, yes but maybe.

  5. Beaston 04 Apr 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Who gives a fuck if he used insensitive language? That was the point–to offend. Fuck the language police. The kid was being a prick and Homme intended to offend him. So fucking what?! The power of the word “faggot” is in the fact that it conjures up images of a male who seems less than aggressive and powerful when compared to the alpha-male archetype. It doesn’t mean Homme has a problem with gay people. But let’s be honest, we all know gay men who fit the stereotype of limp-wristed, effeminate weakling. Most straight men don’t want to appear this way in front of aggressive dominant males (this is probably instinctive) and that’s why this insult is so effective. It’s nice to see a real rock ‘n roller these days who doesn’t give a fuck about being politically correct just to please some crybabies. Do you want to censor this sort of speech? That’s insane! Words themselves are not offensive. What matters is intent and Homme’s intent was not to offend gay people. Do we all have to pretend that stereotypes are not frequently based in reality? Stop your bellyachin’ and go listen to some George Carlin or Louis C.K. for great uses of offensive words, Faggot!

  6. Beaston 04 Apr 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Correction: In the comment above I meant to say “this is probably instinctual” as opposed to “instinctive.” I just thought I would correct myself before you had the chance.

  7. You Just Made My List!on 05 Apr 2011 at 7:58 am

    Beast – I should start by saying I didn’t read all of what you wrote, but I did kind of skim it. You clearly don’t get it. I’m not simply objecting to Josh using the world “faggot,” I’m objecting to what a fucking baby he is. A teenager throws A FUCKING T-SHIRT on stage and big tough guy rock star evil metal dude starts shitting is panties like a toddler. Josh’s use of the word “faggot” is COMPLETELY different than the way someone like Louis CK uses it.

    Josh is a “real rock ‘n roller?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? The guy cries and bitches every time his dumb concerts actually start to resemble a rock show. Do you think Iggy Pop would start calling people in the audience “fag” if someone threw a T-shirt on stage? Would AC/DC stop a show because a shoe landed on stage? Throw a bottle at Sid Vicious and the guy would do you one better and smash it over his OWN head. Give me a break, you obviously need to learn more about “rock ‘n roll.”

    Grow up and stop throwing around the “political correctness” bullshit. It’s just such a dumb argument. It’s the argument of a simpleton. Read the rest of my website and then try to tell me I’m “politically correct.”

  8. noon 12 Apr 2011 at 10:18 pm

    ha ha, beast this is what you should think of when you think of homo’s


    and take this hommesright

  9. Jameson 27 Aug 2011 at 12:27 am

    Since everything I could possibly say has already been posted I just want to say: You Just Made My List!, you are an idiot. A presumptuous idiot who think he understands what it is to be a rock star. Maybe if you used that wonderful vocabulary to come up with lyrics and you reallocated all the time you spend trolling to learning an instrument, you could one day become talented enough to have someone throw shoes at you.

  10. You Just Made My List!on 27 Aug 2011 at 12:53 am

    Oh silly silly James, if only you knew what you were talking about.

  11. Ron 27 Aug 2011 at 1:50 pm

    This message is to all of you Homme haters: here’s something you should drop to you knees for and worship but you’re to stupid to realize yourselves: a voice of sense; that is for you. Read this message below which is Josh Homme’s great response to the whole blown-out-of-proportion-episode:
    “Some journalists & citizens on the internet are wondering: Q? Am I a homophobe because I included a slang for gay in with other “acceptable” curse words during a verbal lashing I gave a young concertgoer, after being hit by his shoe, during a show the other day? A= Nope. My gay family & friends, as well as myself, KNOW I am not a homophobe. For years now I’ve known gay is not a choice; one’s skin color doesn’t determine one’s intelligence level; & red hair doesn’t mean you’re someone’s stepchild. You see, it’s not the words, it’s their intent. I never said, nor suggested, that being gay is wrong, but apparently, based on your outrage to my flu-infused rant, you do! By that logic… I also told that young whipper snapper I’d have anal sex with him… how can I possibly reconcile these opposing viewpoints? I called him a pussy too. Does it mean I hate our one worlds’ collective vagina? I never have been nor intend to be politically correct. That’s your cross to bear. To me, that PC world would suck more shit than the porta-potty truck at Glastonbury. Homophobic? I’m in Queens of the Stone Age for crissake… You say, “So. Your band name doesn’t prove anything.” Maybe not. But it’s a helluv a lot more definitive than the logic of some watchdog… (sorry canine-American, canine-European, canine-African, canine-Australian & canine-Asian) moralist, keeping score from pure perfectionville? If your glass house is squeegeed that clean & you need to do something, do what the great philosopher Bill Hick’s once suggested: – forgive me-. Or don’t. I’m not asking for either, OK? I think you should let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out. Either way I expect that you’ll soon find another injustice from your chair, then roll to your bullhorn & point it out to the rest of us… Because you’re so above it all. Or If you’ll allow me to translate a wish of mine into your PC lingo:
    Will you please go have, consensual, sex with yourself.
    Pretty please with all natural, carbon offset sugar on top.

    Mr. Missundastood
    A.K.A. Joshua, Baby Duck, Jho
    Head Choreographer & Do Stuff Corporation’s pansexual spokes-thing

  12. You Just Made My List!on 29 Aug 2011 at 8:06 pm

    R – First of all, it was a fucking t-shirt, not a shoe and does this guy ever stop talking about his flu? Let’s take the homophobic aspect out of this (even though it’s impossible to) Josh is a fucking baby. He likes to pretend he is a dirty rocker when in reality he is about as hardcore as my mom. Sorry Josh, you can’t call people faggot without being a homophobe just like you can’t call someone a nigger without being a racist. It’s really that simple.

  13. Artie Fischalon 01 Nov 2011 at 2:24 am

    Alright well you just bashed a guy for losing his temper and doing a bit of name calling. Look at all the name calling you did. You’re no better.

  14. You Just Made My List!on 01 Nov 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Artie – Really? Are you so dumb that you can’t see the difference?

  15. Kaion 02 Nov 2011 at 1:06 pm

    What a fucking softcock poser. Ewww a sock flew past me onstage. Dumbass ranga motherfucker.

    I had chicks ram their tits in my face onstage. Didn’t bother me one bit.

  16. vontasticon 11 Nov 2011 at 6:23 am

    Okay so are you even a musician of any kind yourself?
    You would know that having shit thrown at you is not only highly insulting and demeaning, but it completely throws you off your guard and diminishes your performance. This isn’t for josh himself but for all his fans too. Performers need to set a standard so they can be respected.

    You plunge head first into completely tearing down the image of this guy when you:
    1: called a person who commented on this an ‘actual ass-fucker’. How is this better than the very thing you’re bagging out? From your tone i wouldn’t assume you’re homosexual so who are you to dictate whats offensive and not?
    2: showed a video of a performer punching his fans saying “thats how its done”
    3: Assume that josh knows exactly who this kid was, his age and all. Doesn’t matter about their age, teenagers know just as well as everyone else. you don’t throw shit at performers ESPECIALLY when they just kindly asked you not to.

    Ive been following Josh and his bands for years and i highly respect him still even after viewing all these videos. Josh has every damn right to get as angry as he wants when someone disrespects him, his music, his band members and his profession. Otherwise if he were to sit back and take it, it would not reflect his music or image at all.

  17. You Just Made My List!on 11 Nov 2011 at 12:19 pm

    vontastic – As much as I would rather be doing something else right now, let’s go ahead and break it all down.

    1. I referred to that person as an actual ass fucker because he said he “proudly fucks men in the ass.” Can you read?

    2. Yeah, and?

    3. IT WAS A FUCKING T-SHIRT! Teenage boys get excited at rock concerts and being teenagers, they don’t always know how to properly channel that excitement. The fan threw a T-SHIRT but cry-baby Josh acted like it was a bag of hammers. His age ABSOLUTELY does matter when an “adult” from the stage is inciting a fucking riot against this kid.

    4. Am I a musician? Well, I’ve played musical instruments since 2nd grade and I’ve played in bands from the age of 14. I’ve continued to be a musician into adulthood and have appeared on something like 20 albums. I’ve signed recording contracts and I’ve had songs purchased for TV shows and commercials that you’ve probably seen. I’ve played in basements and I’ve played in famous venues. I’ve played for 10 people and I’ve played for 2,000 people. I’ve played for respectful adults in museums and I’ve played for hyperactive teenagers in dirty clubs. So don’t worry about it, I’m a musician.

    Sorry, but your hero is a homophobic, whining douchebag. He can try to look the part of a “rocker” but he’s about as “rock and roll” as Oprah. Even Justin fucking Bieber handled himself better on stage, and he took a full water bottle to his beautiful little head! It’s a sad day when you realize your hero is a fraud.

  18. King Kongon 21 Feb 2012 at 3:26 pm

    @You Just Made My List!
    You must be the biggest troll of the day, or the most confused homosexual guy evor.

  19. You Just Made My List!on 21 Feb 2012 at 3:57 pm

    King Kong – It always goes back to calling people gay for you simple-minded idiots who are fans of Josh Homme. By the way, why don’t you take the time to learn how to spell difficult 4 letter words, like “EVER.” Just sound it out next time, I know you can do it! Now get back to work, those potatoes aren’t going to French fry themselves!

  20. joshhateon 19 Mar 2012 at 2:18 am

    I dont really care about his homophobicicty. Thats his problem. I hate his power chord-virtuoso schtick. learn to play that fucking thing or put it down. I also hate the way he looks…he has carefully cultivated the image of the fat red headed monster who used to beat everyone up in high school. so between the butchy-dew lap look and the shitty guitar hooks, josh homme can go fuck something

  21. RareBreedon 11 Jun 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I love Josh, and he may be a douche to some of you, but I think he and I would get on. Probably because I would never throw a t-shirt on stage like a faggot. And then that kid celebrates the whole thing like he’s cool?! Fuck him. Go to the concert and jump around, have a good time. At no point should the thought of throwing something onstage cross your mind; such behavior is characteristic of an attention whore.

  22. You Just Made My List!on 12 Jun 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Of course you used the word “faggot.” Congrats, you are a fucking idiot, just like your hero. Grow up.

  23. Emon 24 Jun 2012 at 2:27 am

    i know this post is old, but i felt like throwing my two cents in anyway, just to say that i don’t get people who are on Homme’s side. i mean, his entire apology was basically, “omg i have gay friends and i didn’t mean the word in an offensive way!! so there!!!!” though most of his fans mostly appear to have the same sort of thought process as Homme: that basically, intent is magic, and if you’re offended by a word then you’re just too sensitive and need to lighten up/learn to take a joke. or you need to straightaway forgive that person because they had good intentions and didn’t ~mean~ to be an offensive and hurtful asshole. either way, the lack of logic is just astounding.

    tbh, i like a few QOTSA songs. i also enjoy Them Crooked Vultures (though mostly for Dave Grohl). but Homme himself is definitely not someone i’m particularly fond of. i think he’s a pretty decent musician, but as a person…yeah, no thanks.

  24. You Just Made My List!on 24 Jun 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Wait a minute, did someone just leave an intelligent, rational comment on my website? I don’t know how to react.

  25. JakeEricsonon 19 Aug 2012 at 7:40 pm

    BUDDY, he’s a musician that has to play music to thousands of people, thats what he gets paid to do. So having to concentrate on playing and singing its kind of a piss off when some modern day douche bag decides to throw a shoe at him and fuck up his playing. Not only does it fuck up his concentration and HOW FUCKING UNNESASAIRY it is, it’s also ruining it for the other people who paid to watch them play.

    P.S – I have been reading your comments and honestly i dont think homme is the prick here. “Congrats, you are a fucking idiot, just like your hero. Grow up.” “You are a fucking idiot.” It doesnt really make sense that your hosting a blog about pricks when really if someone has a different opinion you ignore it and call them a fucking idiot… So you can reply calling me a fucking idiot and whatever, but until you can hear people out, to a lot of us you are going to be considerd a Hipocritical unreasonable faggot.

  26. You Just Made My List!on 20 Aug 2012 at 5:02 am

    Jake – You’re a fucking idiot. It wasn’t a shoe, you fucking idiot, it was a T-shirt, you fucking idiot. I hear everyone out, it’s not my fault people who support this homophobic cry baby are fucking idiots, you fucking idiot.

  27. Joelon 04 Oct 2012 at 11:23 pm

    I wasn’t there. I don’t know what’s in anybody’s heart or head. I love the music. I’m not going to hate. I’ll just try to promote the best of what I know.

  28. Joshon 28 Jan 2013 at 11:50 am

    You just made my list, fuck face!

  29. You Just Made My List!on 29 Jan 2013 at 12:47 pm


  30. MidwestMuscleon 24 Feb 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Josh Homme = a drugged out punk from the desert who should have a real message to “help” people, not “hurt” them with immature tantrums, regardless of the situation.

    Hey Josh – Take note from a real man – Chris Cornell who doesn’t take shit from asshole’s like you!. I hope you change your ways Josh before you O.D. Life can be better for you.

  31. louapon 12 Apr 2013 at 9:02 am

    I’d like to see Josh transported back to a 1975 Waylon Jennings show. There wouldn’t be any drunk headbangers or obnoxious teenage punks he could intimidate. No angry fans that can’t do anything but run their mouths and hope they don’t have to back it up. Just pure ass kicking rednecks that respect a performer until he threatens them. Then you have a problem. Even for a 6’5″ ginger haired tough guy.

  32. hardasson 10 Jun 2013 at 1:49 am

    i think josh hommes a good musician but hes not very rational at all

  33. Victoria evanson 16 Jun 2013 at 7:29 am

    Josh Homme is a fantastic musician but he’s an arrogant asshole who lords it over people, coming from a wealthy
    background has done him no favours as far as having humility goes and though this may not be the case now he allegedly liked filling his face with Columbias finest which may or may not have made him a nasty piece of work..maybe a kid and a near death experience will mellow him… He’s certainly one of the best songwriters and most gifted musicians of his generation but he’s still a knob ed….

  34. jesseon 09 Jul 2013 at 10:28 pm

    why does talk about being inside a man’s butt make you so uncomfortable with josh? its not very homophobic to jokingly say youre going to be inside a man. isnt it more homophobic for you people to feel awkward or insulted by him saying it? josh clearly has no qualms with gay people or his own sexuality if he says such things. on the note of the throwing, if the kid was under 18, of course its wrong for an adult to bully him but equally bad for everybody in the crowd to stand there and do nothing about it and even worse for them to harm him physically. josh may have been the one who called the kid out but hes also the one who potentially saved his life. like you say if 1000s of fans saw you throwing stuff at their hero, youd be killed. josh has him pushed to the front and taken out by security…after humiliating the shit out of him but that parts totally called for. thats the only one where he was pissed off too, the rest of the videos are in good humour. you can see joey and dean smiling at each other in the other videos when he says things but that one with the kid and josh sick he was legitimately pissed off.

  35. jesseon 09 Jul 2013 at 10:32 pm

    please dont reference my age in your rebuttal like youve done to discredit the other commenters’ opinions so far

  36. You Just Made My List!on 09 Jul 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Jesse, is it really possible you believe any of what you just said?

  37. Sarahon 06 Feb 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Huge QOTSA fan, Josh has been a sort of an unconventional idol of mine. I have anger problems too and I find him relatable to in this sense, not to mention incredibly talented.

    I think he went way OTT here. The only thing I can defend him with is that last time I had a temperature of 102, I was in Accident and Emergency and had to be put on a drip. I wasn’t throwing up for 3 days but I know how bad I felt and how the slightest thing could probably have sent me over the edge emotionally. I know that when I am mentally or physically suffering, I have a much lower threshold or tolerance for annoying or upsetting behaviours. I don’t think this is okay and I don’t think this is an excuse, but I think what happened here was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I genuinely don’t think that Josh Homme is homophobic. How do I marry this concept with the fact that his to-go insults usually involve calling someone gay, as though being gay is something to be ashamed of? I admit I find this extremely hard. Referring to this specific incident, I guess that in the moment, Josh just wanted to punish the guy and before he knew it, spurred on by the encouraging crowd, he was taking his stresses of the last 3 days out on him. Not particularly fair, I know, but he is a human being and we do make mistakes when we are emotionally and physically vulnerable.

    My opinion is that Josh uses gay insults as a way of trying to upset and demean men who he considers are the type of “hard guys” who would take this stuff personally and be deeply upset by it. I would very much like to believe that if someone threw a gay insult at Josh, he would shrug and be like ‘say what you fucking want’. He did a great acoustic version of What What In The Butt, he called his band Queens of The Stone Age because he wanted to appeal to a wider audience… he’s spoken out against the Kyuss crowd and said he prefers the softer scene that surrounds QOTSA to the bunch of angry men who used to follow Kyuss around (bit of a stereotype but that’s not the issue here). I genuinely think he would be pro- gay rights and gay marriage, 100%, if asked.

    These videos doesn’t really enamour me to him. I like his ballsy attitude and I used to just consider it part and parcel of the package that is Josh Homme, but what I see in these videos is someone being fairly unable to control their anger and acting unprofessionally. I’m not enamoured, but as someone with anger issues myself, I am sympathetic.

    I see exactly why you are angry both at him and his behaviour and the legions of supporters who are so pro-Josh that they consider this behaviour totally acceptable and warranted. I don’t think anything that promotes homophobia is in any way warranted or okay. All I can say for Josh is that he got angry and reacted in a way that was unfortunately forever immortalised, and shared to hundreds of thousands/ millions of people over the world. I think the reason that people are defending him with such fervour is that our intuition screams that he is not a homophobe at heart, at all – he just tends to fall back on quite immature ways of insulting people, and he has a Old School Rock Star identity that long ago convinced them that he is not a Role Model and doesn’t have to apologise for things.

    In short, I think he said some bad things out of anger, and perhaps you are right to put him on your list, but I think the reason so many people are defending him is because we are truly loathe to believe that the words he speaks in anger are all there is to him and his character.

  38. Sarahon 06 Feb 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I’d be interested to know, although off-topic, what you think of South Park and their episode on the word ‘faggot’?

  39. You Just Made My List!on 06 Feb 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Sarah – First let me congratulate you on being one of the only people in the history of this website to disagree with me without accusing me of being a sad fat man living in my mom’s basement. You used actual words and punctuation, something that is rare in the comments of this website.

    Secondly, I’m not sure if I have seen the South park episode. I have a lot of respect for Matt and Trey but can’t speak directly to this episode.

    I understand where you are going with your thoughts on Josh, however I think you are giving the male (and female) brain too much credit, especially in times of rage and anger. During times of frustration and anger people show their true colors. Also when they are drunk. These are times when the brain forgets about the details and accidentally reveals itself.

    I feel like this could be debated forever but for me this is a very simple concept. Even if Josh has gay friends and has actively participated in advancing gay rights (I don’t know if either of either of those things are true or false) he is still homophobic because he equates being gay with something negative. His brain quickly goes to it every time. He uses homosexuality as an insult so there is no way to escape the fact that he’s homophobic. If he called someone a nigger you would HAVE to come to the conclusion that he is racist. You just have to.

    Now, maybe he’s only 25% homophobic and it’s in times of stress that he lets it out. This does not excuse his actions.

    Plus, I also just have an issue with what an asshole he is for calling out a young kid and turing a crowd against him. For what? A t-shirt was thrown on stage during a rock concert? Oh dear god no, not a t-shirt!!!

    The truth is there on video. I don’t see ANY way to defend it. We all have flaws and I would hate if my life was captured on video and discussed online but luckily I live in my mom’s basement so that will never happen.

  40. Sarahon 06 Feb 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Reading the comments has been quite illuminating, so I’m going to close with:

    I’ve seen QOTSA maybe 7 or 8 times and he has never ranted at a crowd member… these incidents are most definitely rarities; please believe that. I had a fucking epic time at every gig, Josh was on form, no rants were had, everyone was happy. Therefore, 100% success rate of Josh being nothing but a professional every time I have seen him.

    I appreciate that you are against homophobia and against people spreading any message of homophobia, and I applaud you for doing that and realise that in these instances, it can be easier to see things as black and white. I often do myself. But judging a person by the worst thing they ever did or said, in a time of stress or duress, could give you a one-sided and skewed view of them. I know that I was mugged one day and as I was getting off the tube (London Underground), some people pushed their way on to the train before I’d had the chance to get off. I exploded at them and then burst into tears; people probably thought I was a “big baby” or a mentalist and that my reaction was totally inappropriate, but to me it was the last straw. Maybe Josh could have stuff thrown at him on a good day and not give two shits, but being that ill (and yeah, I will mention the flu, because I know the 102 temperature I had literally nearly fucking killed me!) he didn’t have any kind of strength left to draw on.

    Anyway, kids change people and he’s had two of the, including a little girl… I imagine he has softened massively. Download a bootleg of the new album if you want proof!

  41. Vanessaon 07 Jul 2014 at 10:42 am

    You just made my list,

    Why do you attack everyone so harshly when you’re the one critiquing Joshua for his retorts?

    I stumbled on this page when I searched how Joshua looks like Craig Kilborn. I was quite surprised to see such lame comments. Maybe I just don’t sit around on my ass reading commentary anymore (I’m 27) but seeing how over the years you are still arguing with folks… Well shit. I won’t be back to see what you reply with, because well, why the hell would I come back to this page? Full of negativity over something that happened nearly a decade ago. Yeah, Joshua is the real asshole.

  42. You Just Made My List!on 07 Jul 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Vanessa – You make a good point, Josh was a homophobic asshole over a decade ago, so all is forgiven. And while we are at it, hasn’t it been long enough to forgive Hitler? That was like decades ago.