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Sep 29 2010

Photos of “bad boy” celebrities taking a drag off a cigarette!

johnny dep, brad pitt, celebrities smoking photos

Great, now look at the camera – click click – perfect, now look down – click click – great, great – click – I love it – click click click – Beautiful! Let’s try something totally outrageous, something that has never been tried before. Let’s try one where you are taking a drag off a cigarette. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but you’ve got to trust me on this one, I think it will make you look like the biggest bad ass that has ever lived. What’s that, you don’t smoke? Well it’s time to learn if you ever expect to be awesome. You want to look cool and mysterious, right? OK, here we go – click – YEAH, I LOVE IT – click click – Ooooh, the choking is great, keep doing that – click click

We get it, you’re a bad boy. You wear distressed Motley Crüe T-shirts that you paid $300 for in Beverly Hills and, as much as your mother begs, you simply refuse to quit smoking. Congratulations celebrity tough guys, you are exactly as cool as a teenage boy.

To be honest, I blame the photographers for perpetrating this cliché over and over like a bunch of high school photo students shooting pictures of a single flower poking through the snow. Deep, very deep.

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May 12 2010

People who smoke while riding bikes!

smoking while riding a bicycle

Not much to say about this other than it grosses me out to see someone smoking while riding a bike. Actually, as a non-smoker, smoking in general is pretty repulsive to me but there’s something so wrong about a person smoking while bicycling. Your lungs must be like, “hey asshole, I’m working here.”

Not only did I see someone smoking on a bike today, I also watched some lady smoke on her way into the gym. Yeah, she was literally sucking it down seconds before walking in the gym door. Why not drink a beer and eat some bacon while punishing that sweatsuit of yours?

Wow, I sure talk about bikes a lot. It’s probably because my parents never loved me enough to get me a BMX bike. I was stuck with a YELLOW stingray. Pathetic.

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