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Jun 03 2009


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mac os 9 trash

Yeah, that’s right, at some point today I accidentally deleted 10+ hours worth of work. The end result is 1) I don’t feel like writing about anything tonight (sorry) and 2) I’m going to get drunk.

Please continue yesterday’s discussion about whether or not little people are, in fact, people.

My life is a nightmare.

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Apr 16 2009


fuck twitter

I don’t get it. I will never get it. I don’t want to get it. I don’t want to live in a world where Twitter is successful. I don’t want to be surrounded by people “tweeting.” I don’t even want to fucking know the word tweet. I don’t want to know that you just ate cheese fries and I don’t need a live update of the Death Cab set list.

(Update: Follow me on Twitter if you hate yourself)

Biz Stone. Douchebag. Virgin.

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Biz Stone
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Mar 27 2009

Yo, I suck!

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Sorry, I’m human!

OK, here’s the deal. I have a few sites all running on the same server and due to my awesomeness I am starting to overwork the computer machine. You see, the internet is a series of tubes and… forget it, you can’t possibly understand. Anyway, it has made working on the site difficult BUT the complaining will resume Monday!!!

In the meantime, here’s a funny story. In high school I was dating a girl over the summer who moved to my town from Texas. About a week after school started I took her on a date to Fuddruckers. Nothing says “class” and “romance” like a 4lb cheeseburger. So as I’m taking my first bite she tells me that she’s dumping me. Couldn’t she have waited until after I ate my giant burger? Or here’s an idea, tell me BEFORE we get to Fuddruckers and I spend my lawn mowing money on your sorry ass. The best part however is that she casually told me she was breaking up with me because I was not popular enough. Let me tell you, that was a feel-good moment.

Not popular enough? ME?!?

Oh yeah, well I’m so popular now that I’m crashing servers! I’m too popular for technology to even fucking handle it!

When I reread this I realize she made the right choice.

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Mar 26 2009

My server and Wii tennis!

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You may have noticed that the site was down for most of the day yesterday. Sorry about that, the server was not happy about something. Unfortunately I was unable to log on and write something for today. Again, sorry. I’M SORRY!

Here, you want something? I hate that my arm is killing me from playing 3 games of Wii tennis last night. It makes me want to end it all. It just seems wrong.

There, now shut up.

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Jan 29 2009


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My sever is fucked up so the site might be down for a day. Fuck you computers!

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Dec 17 2008

Power outages!

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I was sitting at my desk tonight, working on the computer when all of a sudden – total darkness. I’m not going to lie, it was creepy for a minute. Luckily I have the “flashlight” application on my iPhone which simply turns the screen white, providing just enough light to get around. I got some candles and sat in the cold darkness (no heat without power) for 2 hours like an Amish dude.

You really take things like electricity for granted until it’s gone. I could not do anything. I could not even get my car out of the garage. Well, if I wasn’t too lazy to manually pull up the door I could have gotten my car out but what am I, Amish?

I realized that I have not sat in a quiet room doing nothing for… I don’t know, ever? It kind of made me feel dumb that something so simple was completely throwing my night into a tailspin.

This was a boring post but keep in mind I have just been through a traumatic disaster!

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